“Did perpetual happiness in the Garden of Eden maybe get so boring that eating the apple was justified?” – Chuck Palahniuk.

Hello world!

This is what is meant to be my introductory post. And how mischievous of me to want to shy away from the common watu’s idea of an introduction which usually goes something like, “Hello world, my name is Suzie, tall, calm and collected with a set or pearly white teeth. i am 26 years old and writing is my passion in life. For my pass time i like to…” yada yada (finish that introduction in your head if you like).

No, I’m not Suzie and writing is not even my passion. Heck, I don’t even know what my passion in life is yet… No, I’m not lost, I’m just not found yet..but by whom?ย  I’ve just been too busy doing neither this nor that, that I haven’t bothered myself that much with that kind of grown folk stuff. See, I’m only 22 (turning 23 on 23rd, September) with a quarter life crisis of my own making but that’s an intimate story for yet another day.

This is it. I am somewhere between psychotic and iconic, i want it and I got it, suspended between an idea of I’m sober and I’m lifted, a mistress and a commitment; and I’d be honored to have you forget the mistress possibility and actually make me (through my new blog) a commitment. (Pardon my cheesy ๐Ÿ™‚ )

So, here’s to invite you to embark on this blogging journey with me through your much cherished readership and informed feedback. I am enthusiastic about quite a few things from politics to humanitarian matters, to provocative thinking and sheer devilry risk-taking in matters entrepreneurship. I like to think quite aloud sometimes, and I am yet to discover a louder voice than that of a few seemingly silent written words, hence my love for writing.

As a matter of formality, my name is Mbula Nzuki (popularly known as Eva) and this is my world. Lawyer by profession, living through the grace of stumbling and learning to embrace the beauty of messing up. If perfection is not your first love, I think you are now at home, we belong together.ย  Welcome to my world!

PS: You surely don’t believe ‘I hid the body’, do you now? Haha!

Have a lovely Monday, won’t you?

Best wishes.


Author: mbulanzuki

Lover of God & Life, Lawyer, Writer, An 'outspoken introvert', Sucker for humor, forever getting high off intellectual conversations, comfortably living in the shades of grey (it's never just black and white). ๐Ÿ˜Š PS: No one is entitled to their opinion. We are only entitled to INFORMED OPINIONS. Let's learn, live, and let live. Shall we? Welcome to my world! ๐Ÿป

40 thoughts on “I HID THE BODY…SO NOW WHAT?”

  1. Am not sure if am lost o found neither checking on ths blog every morning jst to listen to ths new voice or is it new tune to old music!!! Time will tell . I dont want to get confused n am yet not convinced but am listening anyway . The you in you breathing new air will be refreshing. The Die is cast… we are waiting for that challenge o change. Do it Girl

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  2. Sometimes i am not sure if this is the same gal i once knew in high school, Am proud of what you have turned out Eva!!! Go on Gal


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